Terms & Conditions


1) Hirer is responsible for and pays for any breakages or stolen items, including in transit


The hirer shall not make any modification or alteration to the equipment. The customer shall not attempt to or arrange for the equipment to be repaired without authorisation from bosePAhire
3) Photo ID of hirer & recent utility bill with hirer name and address held by us during hire
4) It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that the venue is properly equipped with at least two standard double 13-amp 240volt electrical sockets which are properly earthed
5) Electrical equipment should be used with the plugs and/or sockets supplied and fitted
6) Equipment must be returned in a clean, serviceable and working order. Failure to return equipment in this manner may be subject to additional charges at our discretion
7) Nothing in these conditions shall make bosePAhire liable for any loss to the customer including any expense, liability, loss, claim or proceedings whatsoever caused by or arising, under any circumstances, from the hire of the Equipment
8) We must always have free access to our equipment
9) Half an extra days hire standard fee is due if kit returned more than an hour after agreed time, daily rate if returned more than half a day late
10) Undertaking to hire our equipment constitutes the customer's full acceptance of these conditions


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