Our Specialities

On top of providing a range of DJ and Lighting systems, we are specialists in Marquee/Outdoor Setups, Karaoke, Conferences and Sports events. 

Marquee/Outdoor Setups

One of our core specialisms, with years of experience in this area, we have provided systems to Outdoor Festivals, Marquee Weddings and more.

Ranging from simple setups for a few hundred to hardcore power for the thousands, we have the experience and logistical skills.




We are able to provide Karaoke systems including Monitor, Music and Corded or Cordless Mics.


Business Conferences

We are able to provide Cordless Mics, Headsets, Projectors and Yahama or Bose PA systems for conferences of any sizes.



Sports Events

Our Sporting Events experience includes 24-hour Relay events, Wrestling shows and Sports Days.



If you are interested in hiring us for your event, please get in touch!

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